We have experience handling civil and commercial litigation cases, including areas such as breach of contract and specific performance, distribution and franchising, trademarks and copyright, petroleum marketing and energy distribution, antitrust, fiduciary duties and shareholder rights, securities law, insurance, injunctions and preliminary relief, creditor’s rights in bankruptcy, employment law, and appellate litigation. We also have corporate practice experience structuring and advising clients regarding to real estate and finance transactions, startups and emerging companies, debt and equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and international and cross-border transactions. We have advised clients on compliance matters relating to private funds, investment advisers, and regulatory and statutory compliance in other highly-regulated industries. We also serve as local counsel for stateside counterparts requiring local representation and pro hac vice admission. We want to put our legal experience and business acumen to work for you.

Yes. We represent individuals and corporate clients. We have  experience representing businesses of all sizes, from small and medium sized local businesses to multinational corporations and insurers in the Fortune 500 list of companies. We have the resources and support to comply with billing guidelines and legal operations policies.

Yes. We appear before all Puerto Rico courts and administrative forums, as well as federal courts in Puerto Rico, including the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. We also serve as local counsel for stateside counterparts requiring local representation and pro hac vice admission.

We have the flexibility to bill our services in a fashion that works for the client. For some clients, we may bill our fees on an hourly basis. For others, we may bill a pre-determined fixed-fee. In fixed-fee arrangements, we may bill a single or a recurring monthly fee. The decision on the best approach will depend on a combination of several factors, such as the nature of the case or project, and a client’s specific needs and abilities. The client will be informed and will agree in writing to the billing and invoicing structure before any fees begin to accrue.

Depending on your specific needs, we may engage other attorneys or paralegals to a specific matter or project. The client will be informed of the scope of work and identity of each attorney assigned to a matter or project, as well as of the applicable fees.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to explain and understand the legal challenges and identify preliminary alternatives to manage them. This first meeting gives the client an opportunity to both explain the legal matter at issue and learn more about us to assist the client in the decision of choosing counsel. Feel free to share any relevant documents or paperwork that may be helpful in better understanding any legal concern.

Yes, generally. However, there may be some instances in which we will be ethically forced to cancel or terminate an initial consultation immediately upon discovering a potential or actual conflict of interest. Keep in mind that your use of this site or scheduling an initial consultation through our online bookings platform does not create an actual or prospective attorney-client relationship between you and the firm.

Yes. We take steps to comply with applicable rules of professional conduct prohibiting certain conflicts of interests and the appearance of improper ethical conduct.

Yes. Counsel Aníbal J. Núñez is a member of the American Bar Association.

Sí. Es nuestra lengua materna.

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